Conical steel tube electrode

Conical steel tube electrode

It is a cone-shaped electrode made of steel tubing, the development of which was based on the reduction of the trauma it caused. It is easy to see that the conical is significantly smaller than a cylindrical electrode, so the trauma it causes during insertion is significantly reduced.

Another advantageous feature is the symmetrical structure of the electrode, as a result of which the tissue is spread evenly during insertion, thus causing less damage than a U-probe shaped like the tip of a hypodermic needle. It can also be seen that the distance between the tip of this electrode and the last lead point is also significantly smaller.

With this type, it is also possible to use a liquid channel or fiber optics in the first half and a third of the electrode. The electrode is not suitable for piercing the puncture.

Electrode materials:

• Steel needle: thin-walled stainless steel tube (ferromagnetic material!). Diameter: 185-360 microns.

• Lead points: platinum-iridium wire. Diameter: 15, 20, 25, 40 microns.

• Synthetic resin binder: implant grade epoxy resin.

• Connector: Omnetics, Precidip, etc. different types.