Heptode – Magic Pencil Electrode


The thin, stainless steel shaft of the probe contains 7 platinum/iridium electrodes. The middle one, the tip electrode is symmetrically surrounded by 6 others. Due to its pencil tip shape this heptode has the benefit of easy dural penetration resulting in minimal tissue trauma. For larger animals, such as primates a guide tube may be recommended for puncturing the dura.

This probe is robust, which is due in part to its stainless steel construction. It is characterized by low impedance value and remarkable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This heptode significantly improves spike sorting precision compared to the traditional microelectrodes. Its performance is driven by high-performance spatial recording characteristics, which allows for a more accurate identification of neuronal spikes. Resistance value is under 100 kOhm.

The neural probe diameter may vary based on the Pt/Ir wire diameter.

Multiple connector types are available for providing easy connection to your data acquisition system.